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What to bring from Sochi as a gift?

2 April 2021 To share:
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Remember yourself, leaving the resort you want to take with you not only memories and photographs, but also souvenirs and gifts for family and colleagues.

What is so special to get?

To surprise or with a local flavor, to be kept for a long time or to remind of the sea.

Perhaps what to serve is in time for vacation stories.

We will try to help you understand this issue and tell you what we ourselves bring to our loved ones as a souvenir from Sochi.

Classic Caucasian cheeses such as Suluguni, Chechil, as well as farm cheeses (eg Volino, Exarho, Cherry Selo), soft and pickled cheeses - Caciotta, Gorgonzola, Ricota, Hallumi, etc. are famous for their special taste.

Some of them you can take with you on the train, others are well tolerated (for example, the smoked version), especially if you have a thermal bag with you.

Local nuts: chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts are delicious, nutritious and healthy, but remember to try them before buying.

Go to the mountains for honey. Honey from the mountain apiaries of the Krasnaya Polyana region, Medvezhy Ugol is not only delicious, but also ecologically clean.

Don't forget the pollen. It contains many vitamins and nutrients. In the autumn-winter period, its property of strengthening the body and improving metabolism will be useful to you. Of course, she also has contraindications, this must be remembered!

Jam from Sochi is a special souvenir, just don't buy it at the market. In farms, you can find exotic things - kiwi or tangerine jam, as well as various mixes, for example, feijoa with grapefruit and lemon or gooseberry with orange.

Spice. Of the spices we bring only bay leaves, the rest of the same quality you can buy in stores or in the markets of your city.

Tea is a unique drink that we remember from childhood, it warms us on winter evenings and cools us on summer ones on an open country veranda. Krasnodar tea is a frequent souvenir from Sochi. It is not inferior to Indian or Chinese. In the city you will find brand shops "Dagomys Chai", "Matsesta", "Krasnodar Chai". Try hand-picked teas, which have a special flavor and aroma.

Each season has its own fruit. Sochi is famous for its autumn and winter gifts: from mid-August to September - figs, from October to December - persimmons, kiwi and lemons. In June, try medlar, an unusual fruit that you don't often see on the shelves in your area. If you come in off-season, then look for bundles with dried persimmon in local markets. Be sure to try it before buying it, it may be wet or wormy.

Wooden souvenirs. Plates, nutcrackers, coasters for hot dishes, painted spoons and nesting dolls with local ornaments can be purchased at local markets or special shops on the promenade.
Probably the list can be continued, share your ideas with us.