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Housing problem at a resort, or where to stay with a family in Sochi

2 April 2021 To share:
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Are you planning to rent an apartment in Sochi by the sea?

Thinking about relax at the sea with your family? Then you already faced with a difficult choice of a place to stay. What do you prefer: a tight and expensive hotel room with guaranteed service or renting a private flat with unpredictable results? Maybe we’ll find a better choice?

If it were as beautiful as it is in our imagination!

Hotel, flat or …?

If you are going on vacation with your family, you will be concerned about accommodation in advance. In our digital age, it is not particularly complicated. It is enough to turn to the help of the Internet. On booking sites, it seems, there are options for every taste.

Relaxing with family in the hotel

Hotels can be called a good choice for business and busy people who come to the city for a few days. For the family we have to look for several rooms or to put up with small areas of hotel rooms. In addition, the price policy of hotels in the high season can hurt the family budget.

According to booking sites, a family with two children aged 6 and 10 years in a three-star hotel in the summer will cost an average of 60-70 thousand rubles. The higher the class of the hotel, the higher the price. A good room with a sea view will cost 120-150 thousand.

Cons, we note the lack of the ability to cook, which for families with children is a serious problem. Kids need quality and timely meals, which cannot be guaranteed by all hotels.

Find out where to stay with your family – Inn or hotel

In addition, in hotels there are always a lot of people, some of whom, unfortunately, do not follow the rules of accommodation very carefully. Anxiety from noisy guests is not uncommon in resort hotels.

Pros in this placement, and the most important is a guaranteed level of service. You will receive exactly the number you see in the photo, and the list of services will clearly correspond to the level and category of the hotel.

Rent a flat near the sea

To rent a flat “from a private entrepreneur” is an option that our citizens have enjoyed since the times of the USSR. Pros for private flats is enough.

  • The ability to freely accommodate the whole family.
  • Having a kitchen, therefore, the ability to cook what you want or need.
  • Smaller than in a hotel, the prices for accommodation.

Our conditional family with two children will be able to stay for a week in Sochi in the summer in a private two-room apartment on the first line for 40-50 thousand. True, the cheapest options, as a rule, do not have reviews. Low prices can be found with early booking. Closer to the summer, there are apartments from 50-70 thousand.

At first glance, idyll, best choice. But only at first glance.

The apartment in the photo and in real life can look quite different. It can also happen that you and the owner differently interpret the meaning of the words “near the sea”. And even an electronic map of the city and district, previously studied along and across, does not guarantee that you will remove the appropriate option.

Agree, it’s a offensively  when the family travels through half the country and discovers that it does not expect at all a cottage with amenities, but something that looks like a chicken coop. A deposit has already been made, and quickly find new housing in the season is not so simple.

When booking private flat, reality does not always match expectations

Apartments as a reasonable compromise

There is a third way. It combines the merits of the first two, but is devoid of their shortcomings. Certified apartments provide an opportunity to receive a guaranteed level of service, as in the hotel. On the other hand, they give the same freedom of action as an apartment.

  • Food can be cooked in the kitchen, and there are more places.
  • It is much less likely that noisy guests will disturb your rest or interfere with the daily routine. By the way, you also install it yourself.
  • You can be sure that the photos fully correspond to the reality.

According to the latest changes in the legislation, absolutely all placements in our country will be certified. And while private owners only think about the possibility of certification, many apartments in Sochi already have a confirmed category of “star”.

Apartments Brevis – freedom and service

Apartments Brevis – freedom and guaranteed level of service

Apartments Brevis are the certified object, have a category of “three stars”. The certificate of quality guarantees the level of services, which greatly simplifies the choice of families coming to rest from any corner of our homeland.

An important advantage is the proximity of the sea. The maximum that divides you and the coveted element is 150 meters. Go down the stairs and directly to the beach – that’s the reality of Brevis.

The price for placing a family with two children in a two-room apartment will be from 50 thousand. The higher the comfort and class of accommodation, the higher the price, of course. Luxury apartments with sea views and two bedrooms, with a full range of services, can be booked from 85 thousand rubles for the entire stay, which is much cheaper than hotel accommodation of a similar class.

Here you will find all information about the apartments Brevis: photos, cost, and reservation.

We wish everyone the perfect vacation. Those who have already chosen the best accommodation option for their family, are waiting on our website!